Instagram stories vs. feed – Where should you focus on followers?

Instagram stories vs. feed

A popular platform for sharing photos and videos is Instagram. Individuals and businesses alike benefit from it’s over a billion monthly active users. Instagram Stories have become increasingly popular since their introduction in 2016. These ephemeral posts allow users to share moments from their daily lives that disappear after 24 hours. One of the major advantages of using Stories is that they appear at the top of the app’s home screen, guaranteeing high visibility among your followers. You use various features such as polls, question stickers, or quizzes to encourage participation from viewers. Building relationships and gaining followers is easier with this level of interactivity.

If you add these elements to your stories, you will increase the chance for potential followers to discover you. Your feed consists of permanent posts that remain visible unless manually deleted or archived by the user. A feed is a curated selection of your best photos and videos, which reflects your personality or brand. By carefully curating high-quality content that aligns with your brand’s identity, you attract followers who resonate with your aesthetic and values. A visually appealing feed also increases the chances of attracting new followers through organic discovery. Furthermore, your feed provides an opportunity to showcase your products or services more permanently. By highlighting the benefits and features of your offerings through high-quality images or videos, you pique the interest of potential customers and ultimately gain more followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

While both Instagram Stories and Feed have their strengths, it is essential to evaluate which one will best serve your specific goals in terms of gaining followers. If building engagement and fostering relationships with your audience is a priority, then investing time and effort into crafting compelling Stories is the way to go. However, if long-term brand building and showcasing your products or services are your main objectives, then focusing on creating an aesthetically pleasing feed might yield better results. It’s important to note that simply relying on good content not always be enough to grow a substantial follower count.

buying instagram followers from Famoid offers instant gratification by providing an immediate boost in follower count. It creates the perception that you have a strong online presence that others would want to follow. This perception encourages genuine users to click on the “follow” button as they see others doing so. It ensures that your purchased followers engage with your content authentically rather than being merely decorative additions to inflate numbers artificially. However, it’s important to remember that buying Instagram followers should never be seen as a long-term strategy for sustainable growth. While it gives a quick initial jumpstart to follower numbers and potentially attracts organic followers, it is essential to invest in quality content and engagement strategies to keep those followers interested and engaged in the long run.

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Edwina R. Dyer