Preparing Your Home Against Winged Termites Before the Rainy Season in Reston

Rain can encourage termite activity on your property. Most of these insects are attracted to damp, humid conditions. Rain will drive termites to mate, particularly during the warm months. This will encourage them to start new colonies. Because of this, your house is vulnerable to invasions by subterranean termites. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your home from flying termites after rain. You can contact a pest control company in Reston and take some measures to prepare your house against these pests. 

Flying termites can damage your house when left unaddressed. Here are tips to deter these winged termites before they can start an infestation:

Eliminate Potential Food Sources

 Winged termites target anything that has cellulose in it. Thus, before the start of the rainy season, ensure they cannot find food sources on your property. Eliminate abandoned or rotten wood in the garden and get rid of tree stumps in your yard. Store firewood on an elevated platform and away from your water. Cutting off termites’ food supply will discourage invasion. 

Prune the Garden

Check the plants, bushes, and shrubs. Termites target unhealthy flora because of their vulnerability. To ensure your garden does not become a breeding ground for winged termites, prune it regularly.

Fix the Walls and Roofs

Although the majority of termites burrow underground, you must ignore any openings in the walls and roofs. Some termite swarmers, particularly the drywood termites, target any wood they can find. If these termites will discover these holes in your home during mating season, they will access them and wreak havoc. You can prevent this by fixing all roof and wall holes. 

Look for Other Leaks

It’s important to keep your home free of leaks that termites can use as entry points. This way, you can seal these openings and keep rainwater out. Find plumbing damages and cracks and check the faucets to ensure they are functioning properly. 

Install Mesh Screens

Installing door, window, and air vent screens can deter termites. For optimal results, invest in screens that have 20-grade meshes because they can effectively keep the pests out while letting air flow properly in your home. Consider having a professional install the screens for you to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Catch Other Bugs

Termites can look like ants. If you encounter insects and you are not sure whether they are ants or termites, capture them anyway and let a pest control professional evaluate them for you. This will help you identify the bugs and whether they are a threat to your household. Also, this will alert you of potential flying termite infestations. 

Seek Help from Experts

Termite infestations are best left to the pros. Once you notice signs of flying termites, contact a reputable pest control company immediately. Pest control experts have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to develop the best termite control plan and prevent future infestations. They can also help prepare your house against termites before the rainy season comes. Their services often include preliminary inspections, so they can establish the best termite treatment for your property.  

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